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by CCB Europe
Bruxelles 2023

The Collective in Brussels on 8 July 2023 in front of the église Saint-Jean-Baptiste-au-Béguinage

* from left: Geneviéve, Inma, Gilbert, Marie Pascale, Johan, Rotaut, Sylvie, Henk, Massimiliano

 Currently, the European Collective is composed of representatives from:

Austria, French-speaking Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, German-speaking Switzerland.

Dutch-speaking Belgium and the Netherlands participate as observers

Massimiliano Tosato – Italy (secretary)
Rotraut Lakmaier – Austria
Sylvie Kempgens – French-speaking Belgium
Gilbert Clavel and Marie Pascale – France
Inma Zamorano – Spain
Geneviève Wepf – French-speaking Switzerland

Johan Bergé – Dutch-speaking Belgium
Henk Baars – The Netherlands

For deposits and contributions

CheBanca! Deposit Account

IBAN IT72N0305801604100572340920

holder: Massimiliano Tosato