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Solidarity and Migrants

by CCB Europe

National Seminar of Italian Grassroot Christian Communities

Final announcement

The Italian Grassroots Christian Communities, reunited (on-line because of the pandemic) for their national seminar, join the many people, of various political sensibilities and spiritual orientation, who have raised their indignant voices for the behaviour of those Mediterranean countries, including Italy, which a few days ago let one hundred and thirty people die in the sea.

This inhuman and pilatesque behaviour is not only immoral, but also extremely serious from the point of view of International Law.

It dishonours Europe, which cannot continue to perpetuate a policy of blame game not to really tackle the problem of migrants.  We are well aware that this is a complex issue with no simple solutions. This is precisely why it should be placed at the top of the European Union’s agenda, which is called upon to make a concerted effort to reach a dignified and realistic solution.

Either all together – North and South – find a solution, or all together we will be overwhelmed. It would be an illusion to imagine that Europe can finally leave to their fate those who flee wars, injustice and oppression, believing that they will be saved from the shipwreck. Our salvation is theirs, and theirs, ours.

The Italian Grassroot Christian Communities

2 May 2021

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